Our Story

Founded in 2017 as a one-woman company, DigiLab Media initially specialised in Google Ads and Bing Ads advertising working with small eCommerces and brands. In 2019 the agency took a pivot becoming a marketing agency providing a fully managed service across Search and Social Advertising.

Meet our CEO & Founder, Maria Leonardi

Maria is founder and CEO at Digilab Media. She brings a relentless drive for innovation and passion for all things marketing.

When she’s not helping clients grow their business, she’s busy travelling from one co-working space to another around the world.

What our Clients Say

We’ve had mixed results with ad agencies in the past. No-one ever took the time to listen to us about our business or our specific needs. They had a one-size-fits-all approach, and it showed in the results.

As a result, I ran all the ads myself, which was a huge drain on my time. It’s hard to stay on top of the latest PPC changes and I didn’t ever have the time to set up proper funnels.

Maria has been brilliant. She understood our needs from the start and took a data-driven approach to rolling out ads. In the past I’ve had people who were happy to burn through our ad spend without caring about ROI. If something’s not working, Maria turns it off and takes another look at the problem. I feel like she has our best interests at heart and we’re not just another client.

Maria has been with us over a period in which the business has trebled in size and she’s been a vital part of that growth.

Alexis, One Hundred Toys

I hate wasted time. Finding Maria put an end to months of search for a digital marketing professional who was quick to respond, timely with due dates and an expert with setting up advertising campaigns using pay-per-click and Facebook adverts. My sales are up and I am continuing to use Maria’s 5-star performance to expand my campaigns and grow my business.

Geraldine, Cucina Della Terra

Maria has been managing our Facebook and AdWords campaigns for two months now and we couldn’t be happier.  Her communication is superb, she has massively decreased our CPA and increased our CTA in AdWords and created a new Facebook funnel that works quite well already. She’s really easy to work with and always brings in new ideas.

Matthias, Linguedo

Our Value

We work with ambitious brands to achieve real objectives, that stimulates growth for both them and us. We understand the importance of creating strong relationships with our clients, colleagues, and the digital marketing community. This is why we build our brand around four pillars:

Determination: We aim to surpass ourselves, pushing goals and achievement.
Development: We live in a world that moves fast, so we understand how important it is to keep up with the times.
Sharing: We believe in the power of sharing insight, being transparent and open with our clients and partners.
Collaboration: We know that learning together, supporting and inspiring each other is the right choice.

We Help Our Clients Grow Their Online Business!

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