Google Ads Questions & Answers

Are you unsure about which monthly budget you should set? Have you ever wondered about how many conversions you will get? And why are your competitors winning at Google Ads and you’re still struggling?

This guide will answer your questions and help your small business make smart investments in PPC advertising.

Whether you’re unsure of how to get started or taking a second crack at Google Ads after a false start or two, this guide is designed to give you the foundation you’ll need to get every bit of value from your investment

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Who is this guide for?

What’s this guide about?

We want to help small business owners to better understand Google Ads and answer the most common questions and doubts that many businesses owners have regarding their ads, both for those who haven’t started advertising or for those who are running campaigns. We will answer all the questions below!

What’s included?

  • What monthly budget should I set?
  • Which campaign type should I use?

  • How many sales or leads will I get?

  • When should I run my ads?

  • Is my website ready to advertise?

  • Can I see what my competitors are doing?

  • Am I targeting the right keywords?

  • Are my campaigns, ad groups and keywords structured in the right way?

  • How will I get a Google Ads Voucher?

What are people saying?

I hate wasted time. Finding Maria put an end to months of search for a digital marketing professional who was quick to respond, timely with due dates and an expert with setting up advertising campaigns using pay-per-click and Facebook adverts. My sales are up and I am continuing to use Maria’s 5-star performance to expand my campaigns and grow my business.

Geraldine, Cucina della Terra

Maria has been managing our Facebook and AdWords campaigns for the candidate acquisition for two months now and we couldn’t be happier. She has massively decreased our CPA and increased our CTA in AdWords and created a new Facebook funnel that works quite well already. Furthermore, she’s really easy to work with and always brings in new ideas.

Matthias, Linguedo

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