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You’ve worked on the next launch for weeks, but the results leave much to be desired. You did your analysis, you’ve written great pieces of ad copy, and you know your offer is perfect for your dream customers, you even hired Facebook Marketers that charged you large fees but got zero results.

So why aren’t your ads performing?

Don’t panic! One of our expert will join you on a video call and, before you waste extra money on an under-performing campaign, see what changes are needed to make a huge impact together.

Schedule FREE live Facebook audit

What to expect

We’ll review your current and previous Facebook campaigns for any issues, such as incorrect setup, poor audience targeting, wrong conversion tracking and any bottleneck in your funnel.
We’ll also check to see whether your Facebook page, Facebook pixel and custom audiences are all set up correctly.

Let’s look at each stage of your funnel, including the copy, imagery, design TOGETHER ON A VIDEOCALL.

Why you need an audit?

Facebook is continuously changing its algorithm, so your ads strategy needs to evolve alongside it. Plus, audience preferences are never the same. You need to stay up to date on all the changes.

Facebook ads requires ongoing and continuous optimisation. Don’t fall into the set and forget trap. Instead you need an expert to review your account and give you valuable advice.

We can help you if…

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